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To run an active group, you have to give it a supercool name that stands out from the rest because your group isn’t the only group your friends are a member of. Nobody likes chatting in a group chat having generic names like “New Group”, “Group Chat 1”, “Group Chat 2”, “School Group” or “Work Group”. Our favorite things about group chats are their unpredictability and chaos – which we all like. In that place, nothing but the best can happen. Whether you’re deciding what to dress on a weekend date or deciding whether or not to trim your bangs at home, this is the place where you make the impossible happen.

You’re likely a member of multiple group chats. These group conversations, once created, are there to be kept forever. As a result, you’ll require a never-ending supply of group chat names for each of your many teams. We’ve put together this guide to help you come up with unique names for your group chats so you’ll never run out again. To help you get started, we’ve provided a selection of chat room names. Enjoy!

Friends Group Chat Names

The Meme Team
Best Fries Forever
The Friendship Ship
The Chamber of Secrets
F is For Friends Who Do Stuff Together
The Real Housewives of __
Taylor Swift's Squad
Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants
The Pretty Committee
7 Rings
MerMAID To Be Friends Forever
The Schuyler Sisters
All the Single Ladies
Sugar, Spice and Everything Nice
The Heathers
The Three Musketeers
Core Four
Quad Squad
Fab Five
The Avengers
Power Rangers
The River Vixens
XOXO, Gossip Girl
The Southside Serpents
Birds of a Feather
Peas in a Pod
Girl Gang
Girls, Gals and Nonbinary Pals
Besties for the Resties
Name a More Iconic Duo (or Trio)
The Coven
The Spice Girls
Charlie's Angels
The Backstreet Boys
The Circle
The Donut Call List
Group Chat Names for Class
Dumbledore’s Army
The Nerd Herd
Fantastic Four
Life of Pi
We Who Shall Not Be Named
This Group is A+
The Collective
39 Clues
We Get Degrees
Will Trade As for Food
Smells Like Team Spirit
Future Presidents
Secret Society
Master Minds
Grammar Enthusiasts
The Denominators
The Mitochondria is the Powerhouse of the Cell
The Brain Cells
The Creators Collective
Family Group Chat Names
All of My Bothers
When is Dinner?
People I Tolerate
The Proud Family
People I Live With
Keeping Up With The _
Modern Family
I Love You All But…
The Schuyler Sisters
The Keys to My Heart
The Incredibles
What's the WiFi?
Family Ties
Sibling Signals
All in the Family
We Share Genes
Full House
Beware the Parentals
Silly Group Chat Names
Codename: Kids Next Door
The Mane 6
Chicks With Kicks
Walkie Talkies
Harry Styles' Fruit Salad
Future A-Listers
Not Fast, Just Furious
The Real Drama Club
Bed Bath and Beyoncé
A Pizza My Heart
The Phantom Thieves
Game of Phones
Area 51
The Crystal Gems
The Pokédex
Good Times
The Supremes
Non-Stop Notifications
I've Got a Bad Idea
The Karats
Bubble Buddies
Organization 13
The Golden Girls
404 Group not found
Let's Taco Bout It
We Lit
The Weekenders

Crazy Group Chat Names

Childhood Besties
Chatting Chatties
Peace Space
My Imaginary Friends
We exaggerate everything
Organization of Illusions
One Dramatic Incident at a Time
Watermelon Sugar?
Forever Dramatic
Not Fast Only Furious,
The Golden Girls
Squad with Quads
Marathon Runners
The Lame Gang
Groupie Cult
What's the Tea?
Chicks Chat here
Gangs of Lies

Funny Group Chat Names

Circle of Loyalty
Mistakes Were Made
Bad Liars
Gangnam Gang
Severus Snaps
My Mates
The Insomniac Bunch
Queen babes
Shake it Off
Marvel No DC
Walk the Taco
Gallon of my LOVE
Back Bashing Girls
Food is Everything
Love for Snacks
Day Dreamers
24 Carats of Funny
Laughing Lads

Good names for group chats

Mah Homies!
The Cereal Killers
Best Fries Forever
Will Die for you in Secret
Not our Gene Pool
The Laugh Factory
Always Together
Soul Mates
The Finest Bunch
Caught in Lie
People I see too often
Fur Real Guys
Ride or Die
People I see too less
Forever Loyal
Its Friend Ship
Wait for it!
Till Death Do us part
Fam Sandwich
Lazy Gamers

The Most Creative Group Chat Names

Beer Pressure
Fast and Curious
Ladies of High Society
May we always are Together
My Constants
Tenacious and Tense
Meme Nights
Sharing is Caring
Social Anxiety
Cuz I love you
Twisted Brothers
Stress Relievers
We Got a Drinking Problem
My Soul Cousins
The Texters
What are Friends for?
Flaming Hot Cheetos
Pudding and Cake
Bunch of Boys
What's up Today?

Cool Names for Group Chats

Running on Empty
It's Time to Disco
Its Monday Again
Forever Sad
Power Rangers
Night Highs
Pouring Emotions
MY 911
Piece of My Heart
Why so Cool?
May the Force be with you
Weekend Mates
Menace to Sobriety
Blind Lovers
The Dementors
Never on Sleep
The Bros
Friends but not Forever
Sons of That Guys

Memorable names for the special group

Goodbye Birdy
Memers and Schemers
7 Rings
The Gang to be
Dancing while our house burns
Dumb, Dumber, and Dumbest
Wholesome People
Forever and Always
In our Element
Self Loathing Psychopaths
Mah Homies and I
Single Ladies
The Pretty Petty Committee
The Iconic Trio
Sisterhood of Still Pants
List of mistakes
Meme Boys and Babes
Four All Out
Cats Forever
The Chumps

The Chat Names for your Class Group

Bunch of Potatoes
Life in a Pod
Cuties are here
Nerdy Boys
The Northerners will never forget
The Association of Nasty
Shant wear sweats on Wednesdays
Smells like Traitors
The other half!
Life is Pi
Society of dark fic lovers
Dead Brain Cells
The Spicy Girls
Gossip Boys
What’s the Shazam?
School Sucks!
Peas in a Pod
The Numerator and the Denominator
People I somewhat Like
Sacred Bonds
Circle of Squares
Devils agents
Let's Get Working!

Family-Friendly Group Chat Names

Why God Why???
No Motivational Quotes here
Keeping up with the Fam
I love you but don't like you
We have the same Allergies
The Royal Fam
Born and Die
Dinner Time!
Wifi Password is in the description, Mom!
Parental Control Password
Fighting Siblings
Spam Group
People I choose to Tolerate
Modern Family
Gene Strings
When is Dinner Mom?
The House of Mischief

Chat names that are so sexy they’re practically indestructible

Chain Reaction
Bitching Starts in 1,2,3
All Night Games
Call the Cops
The BURN Book
Last Gang
Bunch of Nitwits
Chosen Family
Smelling like Hell Hole
Attack your Close Friends
House on Fire
Laundry Day
Why Me!
Happy Hour
Why so Serious?
Lease Queens
The Chore Wheel
Inject Coffee in my Veins
Let's Party!!!
Do we have toilet paper?

Your Special Squad Names

My Files App
Have Standards Babe
Let's Go Party!
Do we have Pizza?
Selfie Squad
Girl Power
It's Always Punny in PHILLY
Ketchup Crew
Sunny-Side Up
Way out of Your League
Range Rovers
My Peace!
Punch you in the Face
Eyes on Fires
How low can we Go?
Slick Nails and High Heels
Dancing with our Hands Tied
The icing on the Cake

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