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We often get busy with our lives and it can lead us to forget some of the important things in our life like our relationship.

Mostly, its too late by the time we realize the mistake we have made. Even though we could be in a very busy schedule of life there are ways to keep relationship lively with texting in right amount at the tight time. Would you like to know how? Lets see in today’s post.

Avoid writing too much in the first place

Here’s what happens. There can be days when you used to text a lot. And it happens in the first few months of the relationships there is so much to talk about and it is really a tough task to control oneself from talking/ texting all day and night.

But when we are out of topics the things start to get dull. Confusions start to rise and the partner may think you are losing interest and this can be fatal.

Lets just say we write little things every now and then to let the partner know that yes I am still here for you. Be frank, let him/her know exactly what’s happening until its really necessary to lie.

Talk about something like will make your partner ask you questions, this will give you enough time to plan your next question or move.

Be confident at all times

Here’s something you should never lose and its your confidence.

When you lose your confidence and lose your guard, one thing is set to happen and that is change of opinions and you are really not looking for it.

It is where everything starts to degrade and so you should always be at the limit of confidence.

Sometimes failing is more cute than anything else.

Make sure when its right to conclude the conversation

We already made sure we had to keep the conversation short and sweet right? With that said we also have to make these things right. Like when is the right to end a conversation or a free video chat?

The right time is when you believe your questions are ending or the replies are getting shorter. It is better to end the conversation and stretching it unnecessarily. You can continue again once you have things to talk about.

Don’t miss your chance to compliment

Complimenting makes relationship strong. Stronger bonds are made when we appreciate each other and its really important to show how much you care for your partner.

Remind your partner of what makes them so special to you. Little things can contribute so much in cases such as these.

Most important: Stay true to yourself

Lets be true to yourself. Truth cannot be hidden for long and lets not try to be what we are not. Often the biggest disappointment in life come from posing and we should stay away from being a poser.

Lets give us the chance to find the right one for yourself than making someone hate you in the end.

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