Y99.in Reviews – 6 Worst Reviews of Y99.in

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Very slow server

Very slow server, I am using it on my friend’s wifi. Either my friend’s wife is downloading some large file or Y99 is lagging like it always does. – Peter, USA

Not reliable site. MYM is much better

They deleted my room and I lost all my hard work. Now I have to create my room again and work hard to gain all those 2 users I had managed to bring with six months of strategic planning. – Rohit, India

Worst chat ever

Unreliable services, chat doesn’t work. Support don’t work. Nothing works. Or maybe my phone sucks. – Olivia, UK

Horrible support

They do not consider any unban requests once they have banned you. Like WTF! No site bans anyone forever. At least send me an email with some sort of banned till when information. And why would you ban someone for saying Llamas are dumb? – Isabella, Canada

My Y99 experience has been very bad.

I do not understand all these good reviews. I have been using Y99 for several years and am quite dissatisfied with the experience. I would not know if their customer service is responsive as I have never had occasion to use it, reason being that absolutely everything works as intended all the time. – Charlotte, USA

Worst mistake of my life

Just signed up for an account and they banned me because I said cats are stupid. Told me it was because of “inappropriate behavior” and declined to say anything further about it. Steer clear, they’ve asked me to not come back. I come to the chat daily just to tell them I AM NOT COMING BACK EVER! – Sophia, USA

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